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Harrisburg, PA 17111

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MHWC is a leading provider of third-party, insured HUD-Code (manufactured) home warranties throughout the US. In business since 1989, MHWC, together with its national affiliate Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC), has warranted over 3.7 million homes.

Builders and Manufacturers of HUD-Code homes looking for options in coverage, for reliable warranty protection, and for assistance in dealing with complex customer service issues choose MHWC and its Menu of Choices for solutions.

Available programs include:

  • warranties for new HUD-code homes
  • remodeling projects
  • additions
  • building systems
  • detached garages.

MHWC is known as an “Innovative Leader” and is considered an expert in the field of risk management.

MHWC Residential Warranty Company

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